Little Miss Princess

Author: Roger Hargreaves


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Author:  Roger Hargreaves

From the creators of the Little Miss collection which caters especially to girls, Fairyland has an array of book choices all of which relate to the themes of fairies, princesses, mermaids, and ballerinas. These cute Little Miss books are perfect little gifts for our own littlies.
In this edition; Little Miss Princess is a kind and good-hearted princess who wants to help everybody but when Mr. Bump gets sick and asks her to help with the shopping, Little Miss Princess gets into all sorts of trouble.
As a princess, she's never done everyday chores such as cooking and cleaning before and eventually believes she is no good at anything! Can Mr. Bump prove to Little Miss Princess that she is indeed good at all sorts of things?
A bold Little Miss storybook that fans of the Little Miss series will love!